MERVE ÜNSAL “NOW YOU’RE FAR AWAY” JUNE 15 – JULY 08, 2017 OPENING: JUNE 15, THURSDAY 19:00–21:00 Galerist is pleased to host Merve Ünsal’s third solo exhibition in Istanbul, titled “Now You’re Far Away” between June 15 – July 08, 2017. Taking its cue from the lyrics of one of the most popular Turkish Classical Music songs of the 20th century written and performed by Zeki Müren, the exhibition presents several series of works investigating the threshold between what we refer to as reality and its framing through image representations. From the photographic image to apartment window frames and computer screens, Ünsal’s focus is on the strange equation of difference and sameness that governs processes of projection and retrojection at work in both the production and the reception of images.

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 Merve Ünsal est une artiste stambouliote. Elle est la co-fondatrice d'un projet en ligne centré sur la publication des objets d'art d'autres artistes, des visites de studio et d'articles basés ou liés aux conversations sur des pratiques visuelles.